Our fund enables investors to take a balanced index on the entire sector, with a basket of diverse opportunities, all forming a complete ecosystem.

  • History
  • Approach
  • Culture
  • Method
  • The team has more than one hundred and fifty years combined experience in cannabis, hemp, fund management, venture capital, technology, brand building, and operations. Founding partners include the founder of the Luminous VC fund, the chairman of The Cannabinoid Trust and the co-founder of Cobidol.

  • We give investors deep insights and demystify the emerging cannabis and hemp sector. By leveraging our understanding of the mechanics of the market and our proven financial management skills, we select, scale and strengthen a winning portfolio to produce high returns.

  • Tempering our innovative approaches to deal sourcing, we assess, monitor, and grow our investments using tried and tested fund management methodologies to mitigate risks and maximise returns. Through our outreach and event programs we are a valued part of the global cannabis & hemp community.

  • Committed to provide more than financial firepower, we nurture our ventures hands on. We help to craft strategy and create genuine competitive advantages. Our complete ecosystem and proven playbook for improving teams, models, profits and exit routes makes the capital we provide truly transformational.



The time to create generational wealth is now. Opportunities to acquire and grow promising early stage companies abound, and entry costs are low. Europe and Asia are closing the gap on North America. Emerging, liberalising markets are ripe for development of new brands, distribution channels, retailers, marketplaces, technologies and services.


Our team fuses hemp & cannabis insiders with venture capital and fund management experts. This allows us a rounded view of the market and apply proven, rigorous analysis to any deal. We are uniquely placed to identify prospects, connect them to the right strategic partners, and guide them towards an exit or an IPO.