We focus on true value and real potential, consciously not following the herd, and avoiding known market pitfalls.


We are sector agnostic within the space, and will consider strong companies across Europe and Asia.


    With risks around over production of biomass, only ultra-high end medical, high margin production, genetics projects or novel extractions would be considered.

  • TECH

    Solutions to maximise yields, lower wastage or produce cross breeds to drive up margins for growers and innovations to transform the economics of manufacturing.


    Clinics at the forefront of marijuana prescriptions and medicine, or new pharma entrants with the resources to gain valuable licenses.

  • SALE

    Strong foreign market focused brands in key countries like Japan, Germany, India and cash generating European and Asian distributors.


    B2B services including trade shows, conferences, testing, quality control, banking, payment processing, provenance and insurance are attractive secondary markets.


We target companies with traction, customer demand, capable founding teams and tangible USPs. Our market insight and investment expertise allows us to sift the many potential deals to uncover solid, scalable businesses and subject them to rigorous analysis.

Tempering our innovative approaches to deal sourcing, we assess, monitor, and grow our investments using tried and tested fund management methodologies to mitigate risks and maximise returns.