The Luxembourg cannabis industry is still in its infancy, but has plans to grow and legalise recreationally, something which is likely to have an effect on its neighbours and the rest of Europe.

The Luxembourg Cannabis Industry

Luxembourg is one of few European states that made changes to drug laws well before experiments in legalisation were being undertaken across the world. In April 2001, the government updated a law from 1973 to reclassify cannabis as a class B substance which effectively decriminalised possession. After legalising medical cannabis, the country has plans to legalise recreational cannabis too – which may end up forcing the hand of other European countries.

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While in the industry is still in its infancy, it needs help to comply with regulations and customers's demand for safety. This is where the ancillaries come in.

Cannabis without Cannabis: The Ancillaries of the Cannabis Market

There is another side to the cannabis industry that makes no use of the cannabis plant in the creation of their products and services. While the meat of the industry will remain with the material produced by the plant, there is also a significant chunk for companies that facilitate the smooth running and growth of the industry.

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Usage of hemp over cotton for producing products

Hemp Must Be Incorporated Into Any Environmental Action Plan

The history of cotton is a controversial, and a complex one. From acquiring its kingly status on the back of slaves in the west, to the modern issue of cotton’s water thirst. Questions around cotton’s viability are increasing. As parts of the world suffer from water shortage and unending droughts, people are beginning to wonder if it is really worth it, and whether if there is a strong alternative. Many think they have already found the answer from the past, from a material that was used for everything from making paper to paint, hemp.

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Russia CBD

«Зелёная лихорадка»

CBD (каннабидиол) постепенно сводит мир с ума. По прогнозам BDS Analytics CBD ожидает рекордный ежегодный прирост в 49% до 2024 года,…

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Japan cannabis & hemp

Cannabis & Hemp in Japan

A love-hate relationship: the story of hemp and cannabis in Japan. It can be no understatement to say that 21st century…

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工业大麻是THC含量低于0.3%的大麻,其纤维可在纺织建材领域发挥作用;种子可炼油;花叶可直接食用,也可加工为浓缩物;提取物CBD可加入食品、化妆品、药品等,在欧美国家正成为快消品的新元素。然而THC含量高于0.3%的大麻在中国属于毒品大麻,政府严禁生产、运输及使用。事实上,中国是对大麻生产、交易和消费管理最为严格的国家。    云南是中国最早放开工业大麻种植的省,2010年1月1日起正式施行《云南省工业大麻种植加工许可规定》。据云南省公安厅禁毒局提供的数据显示,2010年以来,云南共核定种植工业大麻22万多亩,遍及13个州(市)的38个县(市、区)。     黑龙江省追随云南的脚步。2017年,黑龙江省修改《禁毒条例》,允许种植工业大麻,对工业大麻的种植、加工、销售进行专项管理。     2018年,黑龙江省出台《汉麻产业三年专项行动计划(2018-2020)》(工业大麻在我国云南等地称为汉麻),计划到2020年,打造成国内甚至全球最大的汉麻产业基地,力争形成省内7万吨汉麻麻皮深加工能力、1万吨麻籽深加工能力、1万吨叶花深加工能力以及30万吨秆芯综合利用加工能力,初步形成汉麻种植、纤维加工、籽花叶深度开发、秆芯综合利用的全产业链汉麻种植加工体系。     大麻素CBD的多种功效给了行业较大想象空间,中国上市公司纷纷布局。中国工业大麻产业主要集中在上游,目前黑龙江和云南两地具有合法化工业大麻种植资格,拥有工业大麻种植许可的企业达45家。根据国家统计局数据,2017年中国工业大麻总产值约75亿元,其中纺织纤维的占比达到76%,食品占比为7%,CBD占比仅5%。目前中国国内提取CBD主要以出口为主,尚未放开下游应用。从产业发展长期趋势看,布局工业大麻需要着眼于药品研发,专业的医疗团队经过临床试验、申请专利等获得的创新药品市场潜力较大。     天风证券研报显示,目前上市公司布局主要为国内和国外布局两种模式。其中,国内布局分为直接参与和股权参与两种。直接参与是公司直接申请许可证,直接参与工业大麻的种植等环节。比如康恩贝集团、昆药集团等,股权参与则是公司通过参股工业大麻公司获得相关收益。例如美瑞健康国际、诺普信等。

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South Korea CBD cosmetics market and its future

The South Korean CBD Cosmetics Craze

South Korea, in recent years, has been marked by the cultural phenomenon they’ve ushered in over the last few years, with South Korean K-Pop entertainers conquering their way across East Asia and now the world, with one hit song and hit drama at a time. There has also been another unexpected, but meteoric rise, and that is of CBD, one of the many non-psychoactive compounds found in the cannabis plant. South Korean CBD has found its way into the cosmetics industry and is here to stay.

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The opportunity is huge. Seasoned cannabis industry insiders believe Asia could be the world’s production and consumption leader for all types of products, with tens of hundreds of billions of dollars in revenue.

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Developments in the Asian Cannabis Market

Asia’s attitude to medical cannabis and the possibilities opened up by hemp is changing, and it’s changing fast. Today we’re looking at the Asian market as a whole, before drilling down into individual countries as this series continues.

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European cannabis and hemp

Cannabis and Hemp in Europe

I’ve recently become an adviser to The Cannabis Fund, an index fund for the emerging UK and European cannabis and hemp market and, you may ask why?

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